Assembling the Month: December 2022

The Filipino Struggles Through History, a mural by Botong Francisco located in the National Museum November 30: December is fast approaching while November hangs in the shadows. The figure of Andres Bonifacio, or Boni in Botong Francisco's The Filipino Struggles Through History is an apt image to describe how collectively we feel about December as … Continue reading Assembling the Month: December 2022

Assembling the Month: November 2022

Belly of an Architect (1987, Peter Greenaway) October has been a slow month, reading-wise. I wanted to catch up on my reading but work stopped me. I was doubly occupied with so many things left and right and I was also preparing for the onset of my Extension Grant with MayDay Multimedia as beneficiary. It … Continue reading Assembling the Month: November 2022

Assembling the Month: October 2022

Psychokinesis (2018) September was a rough month. Early on, the UPFI Academic Team had to deal with new university policies that exacerbated the Student Enrollment Process. From 12.0 units, the university suddenly increased the mandatory minimum load to 15.0 units and made other pre-pandemic provisions applicable. This made it difficult for administrators and students coming … Continue reading Assembling the Month: October 2022

Assembling the Month: September 2022

La Commune (Paris, 1871) (2000) I have finished reading the 1,116-page The Political Writings of Karl Marx. And it has been a great journey to see the evolution of Marx's notion of the proletarian revolution. The book also provided different applications of historical materialism in different historical realities. Marx has been truly revolutionary. I will … Continue reading Assembling the Month: September 2022

Assembling the Month: August 2022

The Sandman (2022) ~ for August 2022: The Ghost Month daw~ I just finished watching the Netflix series The Sandman. It's quite funny and enjoyable but kinda corny, a children's story kind of corniness. I find it similar to A Wrinkle in Time. The lore and the magic is like 1970s magic. Maybe it's time … Continue reading Assembling the Month: August 2022

Assembling the Month: June 2022

From Whisper of the Heart (1995) and Through the Olive Trees (1994) for June 2022 ~ June 2022 signifies the second month of fighting stance against the burgeoning Marcos-Duterte Regime. The air is thin with doom, yet the high-spirited and the tenacious continue to fight in whatever form they know. To each his own, and … Continue reading Assembling the Month: June 2022

Assembling the Month: May 2022

~for May 2022 ~ May is the month of remembrance. Aside from the annual celebration of the most important day for workers - Labor Day, we are also celebrating Marx's 204th birthday. Happy Birthday, Karl! And in solidarity with the international celebration of Labor Day, may we continue to educate and inspire all the workers … Continue reading Assembling the Month: May 2022

Assembling the Month: April 2022

from The Philosophy of Horror - A Symphony of Film Theory (Péter Lichter & Bori Máté, 2020) April 1: ~ Curatorial Statement ~ for April 2022 April 3, 1917, Lenin arrives in Petrograd. The following morning, he delivers the famous April Theses, or The Tasks of the Proletariat in the Present Revolution. In the April … Continue reading Assembling the Month: April 2022

Assembling the Month: March 2022

~ Curatorial Statement For 'Assembling the Month' Series ~for March 2022 Today is Karl Marx's 139th Death Anniversary. Other than that, so much has changed since the last post of this blog last March 20, 2021. But what changed? Between today and March 20, 2021, I have survived three major surges and contracted COVID-19 virus … Continue reading Assembling the Month: March 2022