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New Age Maoist Aesthetics


Missing Codec

A trend seems to be happening among young, urban activists and allies: they get easily fascinated and responsive of positive representation of politics, rebels and activists on any platform, especially on popular capitalist art. Cultural representation seems to be the name of the game. What is formerly subversive has now become a default setting. Cultural representation is easy and, in the era of neoliberal multiplicity, profitable. In fact, contemporary cultural products tend to capitalize into notions of diversity and multiplicity (rhizomes, anyone?), only to the point that what is represented is not the marginalized being presented in contrast and as alternative against the status quo, but the marginalized performing (for) the status quo. A kind of trickle-up effect: productions representing the oppressed are revaluated and appreciated with ruling class criterion and are being produced for the expropriation of value by the ruling class.

Representation is comfort food. Representation made the…

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On October 13, 2018, four (4) members of progressive organizations, including peasant organizers from Anakpawis and Gabriela Women’s Partylist– Nueva Ecija and one (1) member of the League of Filipino Students -PUP were illegally arrested by elements of AFP and CIDG at Sitio Bangkusay, Barangay Talabutab Norte Natividad, Nueva Ecija.

The operatives arrived in the area by noon of October 13. Witnesses said they left the area by 6 pm and brought with them all the four (4) mentioned above. As of today, only 2 out of the 4 illegally arrested are have been accounted for and are confirmed to be in the CIDG holding cell in Cabanatuan. The two others, including our member, Edzel Emocling, are yet to be found.

The League of Filipino Students and its chapters all over the country strongly condemn the AFP and CIDG’s illegal arrests of the mentioned progressive organizers. Furthermore, the League demands the authorities to surface the two others who are still unaccounted for, including Edzel Emocling.
This is not an isolated case. The Duterte administration’s US-military backed counter-insurgency program Oplan Kapayapaan has been targeting peasant, labor organizers, and youth activists in its massive crackdown campaign to lay down conditions for nationwide Martial Law.

Instead of addressing the calls for genuine agrarian reforms and national industrialization, Duterte and his blood-thirsty armed forces have long been targetting activists who organize in peasant communities.

At a time when the administration is deliberate in its acts of impunity and state-terrorism, the youth and other sectors should forge stronger unities. We call on everyone to demand the AFP and the Duterte administration to release the illegally-arrested members of progressive organizations, and surface our member, EDZEL EMOCLING.


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Labyrinth of Dreams

Sogo Ishii 

90 minutes
Black and White



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