About the Site

Omnitudo is a film philosophy blog project – a repository of writings, notes and sketches chronicling my (mis)adventures in cinema and philosophy. This is not a film review site, but it may contain some writings on recent films along with other contents such as:

  • sketches of developing concepts
  • fragmentary notes on films
  • critical and comprehensive  notes on books/texts I read
  • response to events (online or offline)
  • notes on videos posted online
  • some personal accounts I wish to share
  • notes on class lectures

The goal really is to make writing a habit.

About Omnitudo

In Deleuze and Guattari’s book What is Philosophy?Omnitudo is described as an ‘unlimited One-All plane… that includes all concepts.’  Omnitudo is D&G’s idea of the plane of immanence, which ‘is neither a concept nor a concept of all concepts’, but rather ‘the horizon of events.’ Hence, this site is a space of collisions, a horizon of events where thought is ‘moving at infinite speed.’

About my research

My current research focuses on the relation of Lav Diaz’s cinema and time. My goal for this research is to distill (via reading, writing and watching) the constitutions of time in (Lav Diaz’s) cinema. My interest in time is incidental to my resonating interest between cinema and philosophy, especially with the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze. Hence, this research violently moves between cinema and philosophy, between affect and concept, between ‘time’ and ‘nontime’ – always in ‘between’ – already drifting in incompleteness as we speak for time always escapes.

Film Studies research interests:

  • time & cinema (focus –  cinema of Lav Diaz)
  • affect & cinema (focus – Filipino experimental cinema, Hollywood films)
  • digital cinephilia & film criticism
  • politics, aesthetics, ontology of digital cinema (via D.N. Rodowick, Patricia Pisters)
  • bodies in space and time (cartographic identities)
  • expanded empirical approaches on popular taste and social class (via Jacques Ranciere, Pierre Bourdieu, Brian Massumi)
  • affect & pornography
  • radical queer studies (via Jack Halberstam and Paul Preciado)

Other research interests:

  • chrono/kairopolitics (via Giorgio Agamben, Toni Negri, Jason Adams)
  • posthistorical condition (Vilem Flusser)
  • transversality (via Felix Guattari)
  • nomadology (via Deleuze & Guattari)
  • expanded empiricism (via Brian Massumi)
  • critique of the metaphysics of presence (via Jacques Derrida)
  • geophilosophy, cartography and onto-cartography (via D&G,  Ben Woodard, Tom Conley, Levi Bryant)
  • politics of the image (via Jacques Ranciere)
  • affect, ideology and ontology (via Brian Massumi, Slavoj Zizek, Alain Badiou)
  • philosophy of science & engineering (via Manuel DeLanda)

About the collaborator

Adrian Dollente Mendizabal is a graduate student of the University of the Philippines – Film Institute (UPFI). He is under the program of MA Media Studies (Film). His undergraduate degree is BS Chemical Engineering from the UPD College of Engineering. He is also the Philippine delegate of Cinema and Moving Image Research Assembly (CAMIRA).

email: adrian.lessegers@gmail.com


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